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The Presentation in Dubai with Enrico Bartolini

The Dubai Presentation was twofold: it consisted of a special Dinner that took place at Bice Mare on March 24th and a Workshop with tasting at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management on the 25th.

The Dinner was prepared by the remarkable Chef Enrico Bartolini (2 michelin stars), Ristorante Devero, Milan, Italy. He was warmly welcomed by Host Executive Chef Francesco Guarracino and his team. The presentations were in charge of Rosario Scarpato (Director of the Italian Cuisine World Summit), further presentations of the Traceability Program were made by Francesca Vaninni (Marketing Manager of Terre del Sole).

The Worksop and Tasting was conducted by Rosario Scarpato. A segment about how the Traceability Program works was presented by Francesca Vaninni. Chef Aira Piva (Manager of Italian Restaurant Consulting) spoke about the Fundamentals of tasting and pairing Extra Virgin Olive Oil with other ingredients. The Demos were in charge of Chef Francesco Guarracino: “The regional Tradition” and Chef Enrico Bartolini: “The Serets of Classic Contemporary”. It was a real eye opening experience for many, getting to know much better the world of Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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