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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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The Program of Traceability in Moscow with Chef Patrizia di Benedetto

Click on the image to see the photogallery - Images kindly provided by culinaryon.com


Following the presentations of the Traceability Program on March 11 at Aromi La Bottega Restaurant, Chef Patron Pietro Rongoni hosted a dinner prepared by Chef Patrizia Di Benedetto, Bye Bye Blues (1 Michelin Star), Palermo, Italy. Based on the range of Terre del Sole quality extra virgin olive oils:“L'Olio Extravergine di Oliva nell'Alta Cucina Italia” was a dinner to remember… (See the Menu).

The presentations were in charge of Rosario Scarpato (journalist and Italian Culinary Culture Promoter), Francesca Vannini, Marketing Manager of the Terre del Sole brand.

At the end of the night, Chefs Pietro Rongoni and Patrizia Di Benedetto had the opportunity of greeting and exchanging views with the guests.

Click on the image to see the photogallery - Images kindly provided by culinaryon.com


As part of the same event, on March 12 at the Culinary On Studio, we held an demo and tasting with Chef Patrizia Di Benedetto, Chef Pietro Rongoni and Chef Aira Piva that versed about extra virgin olive oils and their use in a more professional context. It was presented by Rosario Scarpato.

Aira Piva made a demo about pairing Extra Virgin Olive Oil with other ingredients, Pietro Rongoni, who is well known for his exceptional risottos, prepared this dish for the attentive audience and finally, Patrizia de Benedetto prepared a Scottata di tonno, emulsione di ricci di mare e caponata di verdure/ Blanched Tuna, sea urchin emulsion and caponata.

Among the guests were Marco Iachetta, Valentino Bontempi and Alessio Gini, Russian chef Vasily Emelianenko, Sergei Dushkov and Dmitry Romanovsky.