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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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2013: The importance of Extravirgin Olive Oil in haute Italian Cuisine (Moscow)

Maria Osokina, Pietro Rongoni, Guest Master Chef Marco Sacco, Rosario Scarpato, Irina Dashkova (Aromi Italiani Restaurant) and Francesca Vaninni (CNO´s Marketing Manager)

The celebration of the IDIC International Day of Italian Cuisines 2013 started in Moscow, on January 11, with a Preview Gala Dinner at the Restaurant Aromi La Bottega. Hosted by the Chef Patron Pietro Rongoni, the Dinner was prepared by Marco Sacco, from Piccolo Lago Verbania (2 Michelin Stars). The Dinner had as a theme “The importance of Extravirgin Olive oil in haute Italian Cuisine” and was part of the project of Traceability and High Quality of Italian Extravirgin Olive Oil, promoted by CNO – Consorzio Nazionale degli Olivicultori Italiani and featured the special oils made by Terre del Sole (click to see the MENU). Francesca Vannini, CNO Marketing Manager, stressed the importance of the network and of quality Italian Restaurants in the world as a base for the diffusion of Italian Extra Virgin olive oils.

On January 12, conducted by Master Oil Taster Cristiano de Riccardis the Program was presented during a seminar with tasting called “Extra Virgin Olive Oil In Italian Cuisine and the Mediterranean Diet”, the seminar was followed by a Master Cooking Class by Master Chef Marco Sacco.

Acquerello risotto with beetroot, steamed mussels and extra virgin olive oil

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