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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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2012: Presentation in Moscow during the International Day of Italian Cuisines

On January the 18th 2012 in Moscow in the context of the International Day of Italian Cuisines, took place the special presentation and dinner of the Consorzio Nazionale degli Olivicoltori´s for the spreading of the Program of Traceability of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Gaetano Potenzone, CNO Vice President introduced the night and Francesca Vaninni (CNO Communication´s Coordinator) illustrated the guests on how the  CNO project for the Traceability and High Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil works.

The dinner was prepared by Chef Gaetano Simonato of Tano, passami l´olio restaurant in Milano and it was hosted by Chef Pietro Rongoni at his Restaurant: Aromi Italiani Restaurant.

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