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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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2011: The presentation in Montreal (Canada)


The Montreal presentation of the CNO program Traceability and High Quality took place on January 17th at Angelo Rindone´s BU Bar à Vins. It followed the seminar organized by the Italian Chamebr of Commerce of Montreal. The presentation,introduced by Rosario Scarpato, Managing Editor ofitchefs-gvci.com,  was happening in the context of the International Day of Italian Cuisines 2011 which was dedicated to the Pesto alla Genovese, an autentic treasure of Italian cuisine that has Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a main ingredient. Claudio di Rollo, CNO president, introduced the night thanking the guests, explaining the goals of the CNO and the importance of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the preparation of Italian dishes and in a healthy diet based on the tenets of the Mediterranean Diet. Francesca Vaninni (CNO Communication´s Coordinator) and Simone Cagnetti (Agricultural responsible of the CNO program) illustrated the guests, mainly journalists, food specialist and nutritionists, on how the  CNO project for the Traceability and High Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil worksGiampiero Cresti, of the CNO Tuscany branch, explained the characteristics of the 4 Terre del Sole traced Extra Virgin Olive Oils, that were used in the special dinner prepared by Chef Andrea Sgro.

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