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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
European Community

Terre del Sole: The best Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Certified and guaranteed!

The CNO –National Consortium of Olive-Growers–, under the program funded by EC Regulation 867/08, is pleased to present a selection of extra virgin olive oils regularly certified by a third party in accordance with European Quality Standard ISO 22005/08.

With this selection the CNO will enable consumers to taste different types of oils that all represent the highest standards of quality, while their differences in terms of sensory profiles express the richness and traditions of the territories they represent.

Terre del Sole
  1. Terra di Bari DOP
  2. Aprutino Pescarese DOP
  3. Cilento DOP
  4. Toscano delle Colline di Firenze IGP
  5. 100% Italiano
  6. Biologico/Organic