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2010: The Presentation in Hong Kong at the Italian Cuisine World Summit

Italian Cuisine World Summit

The CNO´s program of traceability and high quality of Italian extra virgin olive oil has been launched in Hong Kong, during the Italian Cuisine World Summit, a unique gastronomic convention that took place from November 2nd through 7th, 2010.

Promoted by the global network itchefs-gvci (Virtual Group of Italian Chefs) and by the best 15 Italian restaurants in Hong Kong (plus one in Macau and in Shenzhen), the Summit was an amazing showcase of culinary talents, flavors and products with some of the biggest names in Italian Cuisine.

The CNO program was presented in Gaia restaurant, with a menu signed by Cesare Casella of the Salumeria Rosi, New York City and Paolo Monti, the executive chef of Gaia. Gaetano Potenzone, vice-president of CNO Services, Erino Cipriani, director of the Consortium and Francesca Vannini, coordinator and marketing manager presented their organization’s program.

See the Menu.

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