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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
European Community

2010: The presentation in Stuttgart (Germany)

German TV Celebrity chef and itchefs-gvci associate, Sante De Santis, has been the host of the CNO Project of Traceability and High Quality in Germany. The presentation of the project was held at the San Pietro, the restaurant that Sante owns together with his partner the Sommelier Piero Cuna. Journalists, chefs and restaurateurs were guests at the conference in which Gaetano Potenzone, CNO Vice President, and the agronomist Simone Cagnetti (one of the technical coordinators) explained how the Project works and what are the benefits for the consumers. The dinner that followed the conference was cooked by Sante De Santis and his staff and it featured Olive Oil (from Italy and from Greece) as its star-ingredient.

Press repercussions

"Die Geschichte des Menschen kann man am Olivenbaum ablesen"
Champagner und Olivenöl

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