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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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2010: The presentation in Moscow (Russia)

The CNO project for the Traceability and High Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil was presented in Moscow to specialized journalists and gastronomy industry opinion leaders. The presentation was held at the restaurant La Serenata and was followed by a dinner prepared by Chef Pietro Rongoni, a senior associate to the itchefs-gvci.com network. Among the participants of the evening there were many food writers, including Alexander Lavrin, Nastya Borisenkova, Ilona Fedotova, editor in chief of Chefart Magazine, photo reporter Alexander Averin and prestigious chefs as Nicola Canuti of L’Albero Restaurant. Guest of honour was Alexander Filin, president of the Moscow Chefs´ Association. Introduced by Rosario Scarpato, Managing Editor of itchefs-gvci.com, the representatives of CNO, leaded by President Claudio Di Rollo, introduced the project.

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Италия: Продвинутое масло
The magic of olive oil

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