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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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A clear communication abreast of the times with the consumer

The principal objective of the CNO is letting the consumer understand clearly the olive farmers’ efforts and dedication to their system of traced production. On the other hand, production traceability, if communicated to the right consumer sector, is of reciprocal value to the producers. At the same time, the CNO makes every effort to transmit to the consumer as much information as possible so that he or she can fully appreciate the intrinsic value of traced extra virgin olive oil and of ‘high quality’.

Patrizia Horn and Edmondo Morini, owners of Agriturismo and olive oil press La Farfalla (Farfa - Ri)

There are two channels used to communicate with the consumer, both are based on the use of the cell phone and the Internet; the SMS system and the one with a two-dimensional label also known as QR (quick response) code.

The SMS System

Thanks to the information present in the database of the system of retraceability, it is possible to provide the consumer with the information relevant to the extra virgin olive oil found in a specific bottle.

The consumer sends a SMS message to a telephone number of the CNO (00447624812977) indicating the code of the production lot to which the bottle belongs that he or she is about to or has already purchased, and receives an immediate SMS response containing the relevant information from the database of the system of retraceability.

Check code of production lot in the bottle
Send SMS with the code to the
CNO # 00447624812977
Get the info on the olive oil bottle you
are about to or have already purchased


The QR System

So, the CNO has set up another system of communication about traceability that is yet more immediate and able on one hand to transmit an unlimited quantity of information and on the other to establish continuous communication with the consumer.

This system foresees a QR code that is a matrix code or a two-dimensional bar code printed on the label. QR are the initials of ‘Quick Response’, so named because their inventor was thinking of a code that allowed rapid decodification of its content. Its content which is accessed through the reading of the QR code can be a simple piece of information, more than 4,000 characteristics as opposed to the 160 of the SMS or otherwise a link to a web site.

Check bottle for the QR code
Photograph the code and send

Get the info on the olive oil bottle you are about to or have already purchased

The QR system works with all the main models of cell phones with cameras. It is sufficient to download some decodification software that is already part of the basic programming of new cell phones. All that has to be done is to focus on and photograph the QR code and the contained information can be seen on the screen of the cell phone.

If the cell phone has an Internet connection, it will be possible to access the multimedia content of the business. In that case, the QR code also becomes a continual communication instrument, as far as the business continually updates the information on the webpage. Thus, from a single two-dimensional label different information can be received (e.g. recipes).

The QR system is already such a spread instrument of communication that, in the near future, it will become of wider use in all sectors, from magazines to advertising campaigns and to information about streets. Its evolution is intimately related to that of the Internet and cell phones technology that is currently making progress at an exponential rate. The QR code is foreseen to become a multiuse instrument not limited simply to retraceability and will thus be at the disposal and understanding of all.