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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
European Community

The objectives of the CNO Program of Traceability


Through its active program of traceability of extra virgin olive oil, the CNO has established a series of important objectives, such as the facilitation of the maintenance of at least 30 production certificates and the addition of techno-analytic parameters which help define better standards of quality for the system of retraceability. This second objective is part of the methodology for promoting and facilitating the extension and certification of a specification of high quality oils. In order to be able to guarantee the traceability to the final customer in the most complete manner, the programme aims not only to involve all the segments of production in the process of retraceability to a greater extent but also to involve the last in the line, e.g. the packagers. Furthermore, the CNO has created a system for managing communication with the final consumer by means of SMS and QR code and has established the goal of insuring the involvement of the consumers of three non-producing countries, Germany, Holland and Russia, in the process of retraceability. Finally the Programme aims at introducing the system of retraceability in conformity with the norm 22005:08 and necessary technical assistance to new, associated producers and presses, and to certify new olive oil products that better fulfill the requirements of norm ISO 22005:08.

Also producers from a sector of Greece with whom the CNO shares the standards of traceability and the promotion and facilitation of the extension and certification of a specification of high quality oils common to both countries, will participate in this active programme.