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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Traceability of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil; the CNO informs consumers

The Consorzio Nazionale degli Olivicultori (CNO, the National Olive Farmers’ Consortium), having fixed its eyes upon the interests and satisfaction of the consumer has, in recent years, intensified its commitment to quality Italian extra virgin olive oil. It has carried this out with two defining projects: the promotion of a system of traceability of extra virgin olive oil and hence, the promotion of high quality. The objective of the system of retraceability is to follow, trace that is, all the movements made by the product – extra virgin oil of Italian olives – from its origin to its commercial destination; from the field, through the press and finally into the bottle, in which form the consumer finds it at the point of sales. It’s a system that generates more transparency among the undertakings at work within the steps of production of extra virgin olive oil and offers the consumer concrete guaranties especially concerning its safety as a foodstuff.

In the sphere of the system of traceability, the project of extra virgin olive oil of high quality is being developed by the CNO in order to recognise and award those producers dedicated to the production of extra virgin oil of excellence. The aim of the project is to create a new market sector to be found within the category of high quality and especially to recognise the production of goods of low environmental impact and to incentivise the implementation of traced production.