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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
European Community

The objectives of the CNO Program of Traceability

Through its active program of traceability of extra virgin olive oil, the CNO has established a series of important objectives, such as the facilitation of the maintenance of at least 30 production certificates and the addition of techno-analytic parameters which help define better standards of quality for the system of retraceability. Read more

A clear communication abreast of the times with the consumer

The principal objective of the CNO is letting the consumer understand clearly the olive farmers’ efforts and dedication to their system of traced production. On the other hand, production traceability, if communicated to the right consumer sector, is of reciprocal value to the producers. At the same time, the CNO makes every effort... Read more

The CNO, High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In addition to the system of traceability, the CNO has placed at the disposal of those involved in the various stages of production a specification for high quality extra virgin olive oil. It contemplates further regulations for the management of the olive and its oil in the different steps of olive and olive oil production... Read more

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High Quality and Traceability of Italian Extravirgin Olive Oil